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Front Desk

We will entertain even the person who had you go for the first time to have you use it in peace

front image


Please make itself at home with it is extensive, and calmed down, relaxing an atmosphere

lobby image

Dining Room

Based on white, and please enjoy a meal while looking at a snow scene to be able to see from a window

dining room image

Drying Room

You can enter a room directly without going along the front desk and have you just come back to the room. The room can dry boots about 100 foot, ski snowboard about 100 stand at a time

drying room image

Large Bathhouse

The silver world where it spreads through the all over that you see from a bathtub. It is space healing the body which was tired from a ski and snowboarding heartily

large bathhouse image

Souvenir Shop

We prepare various souvenirs

souvenie shop image

Grand Hall

We have you use it with a great number of people in the case of a grand hall proud of area of 72-mat four rooms totals, a banquet and lodging

grand hall image

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